11/22-11/26 - I just fixed things and go home for Thanksgiving break to find nothing working. Once again my ISP send my cable modem a configuration that would not work. Once again, to fix it, the modem must be manually reset. This time, nobody was around to do so until 11/26.

11/20 - (Not my fault this time!) At approx. 1:36 AM on Monday (11/20) morning, service was interrupted on the cable modem. Service was still not restored by morning. A call to bitch revealed maintenance in progress, which was suppost to be completed by 6:00 AM. Service was still out in the afternoon. When service was finally restored, it was setup wrong. It required me to perform a reset, which I was unable to do until I got home at 5:00 PM. Reset restored service, but my assigned IP address ( had been changed (to The domain acedecade.com still pointed to the improper address, thus the site was still down. For a DNS change to take effect, you must wait hours. It is currently 9:00 PM on 11/20, still no service. zerocool.yi.org was restored to a working condition within an hour. In future downtime, such as this, the Ace Decade website can still be viewed at http://zerocool.yi.org/ad

11/19 - I downed the server to perform a backup at 11:14 PM. Server was running again at 11:34 PM. During that time I noted that some requests to view the website were made. Sorry 'bout that.

11/18 - Server downed at 11:55 PM. Maintenance and upgrade performed: new power supply fan, cleaning of dust, and faster CPU. Server was restored to operation at 1:18 AM (11/19).