The official Ace Decade FAQ...

Born: 10/8/2000
Last Update: 12/10/2000
(and still being made...)

How did you guys meet?

Todd and Matt met way back in first grade, and became good friends in 4th grade. A group of friends consisting of Todd, Van, and Lou formed in 9th grade. Tim and Todd met working at Weis.

How did the band form?

While working at Weis, what was known as the "Weis Clan" formed in the break room. A few tapes were made of Tim, Van, and Todd drumming on tables, tapping ashtrays, scratching on pizza boxes all while making some rhymes. They joked about playing real instruments in the Weis Clan. They incorporated this on the "Weis Clan II" tape. A third tape was made, with the addition of Lou. From there the band began praticing regularly. Tim and Todd switched on and off playing drums. After the Carrigans gig, they realized the weakness of not having a real drummer. Todd contacted Matt about coming to a practice, during the new year of 1999. Matt joined them in Febuary for a practice and has been with the band ever since.

Where do you guys practice?

Originally, Ace Decade practiced up in the third floor of Van's Dad's house, in downtown Allentown. Noise became problem with the neighbors, and Matt suggested that they practice in his basement, at his house in Northampton. Currently this is still our practice place.

Who else has been in your band?

At one point, Steve Small played guitar, as well as Guido. Dave Best sat in on Bass a couple times.

Didn't you guys work at Weis Markets?

Yes, every member of Ace Decade except Lou worked at the Weis on Catasauqua Road. Tim was was first member to work there, followed by Todd. Eventually Matt began work there in the bakery (thanx to Matt Brown). Van also began work there. Matt left Weis in April 1998 to pursue a job at Bethlehem Area Vo-Tech, working with computers. Everyone else left late-summer in 1998, to pursue other jobs or higher education.

Who is the oldest member of the band? / Who is the youngest member?

In order from oldest to youngest: Tim, Todd, Van, Matt, and Lou.

What was the Carrigan's gig?

It was the band's first performance, held on December 12th of 1998 (Before Matt joined the band). The band had only been together for 3 months prior to this, and the members at the time think the gig was weak. Van even considered giving up on the band, due to lack of morale. Things have changed and are quite different now.

Who came up with the name "Ace Decade"?

Tim. He is considered the "founder" of the band.

What the hell is "The Package"?

The Package is actually Van's brother. To us, we know him as "Wink", "Mr. Nigel", or sometimes even "Steve". He acts as our roadie, helps give input during songwriting and practice, and is usually always hanging out with the band members. He is the total Package.

Where did this web page come from?

Matt is currently the webmaster. He purchased the domain name in late August 2000. The site is actually on a server in Matt's bedroom, and comes to you via a cable modem. Formerly, Todd was in charge of the page. Matt continues to update the page as time allows.

I see this site is still under construction. What the hell is taking so long?

Lack of time... I go to school, work 20 hours a week, and drive 2 hours home and then back again every weekend. You do my homework and supply mass quantities of caffine, and I'd be happy to get to it. -Matt