40 (forty) - a half gallon of iced tea

80 (eighty) - a gallon of iced tea

bojangly - a state of being loose, uncooridinated - like Mr. Bojangles

bull shniggens - same as B.S.

bust ass - the art of passing gas

butter face - female with less than desirable facial characteristics, but may or may not have desirable body. (ex. Everything be lookin' good, butter face.)

chill - to hang out with 1 or more friends in one or more places

chill level - car stereo volume setting that allows enjoyment of music and talking at the same time.

dee - see deez nutz! (aha)

diesel - (positive adj.) used to describe something good, solid, etc. such as food or equipment

d-up - the process of deodorant application

jetta bitch - a wack, rich-bitch, that drives a Jetta that her parents bought her. (Ask Tim for more info)

mad - (adverb) can be used in place of "very"

Mike's hardcore lemmonade - somehow the "core" got added to hard. See Lou for more info

pimp level - car stereo volume setting that allows for enjoyment of music at the highest sound pressure level in which to allow person(s) outside car to enjoy as well.

re-d - the process of deoderant re-application

represent - 1. to stand for an idea or group of people 2. when we chill somewhere

starmin - same as starving

the Bonnie - Todd's 78 Pontiac Bonneville

the T-bone express - fast food burger

the T-bone special - 1/2 lb. supreme burger, from Perkins

the T-bone surprise - 1/3 lb. supreme burger, from Perkins

two minute brownout - see "two minute diesel"

two minute diesel - the act of defecation

whoopin' stick, the - any object that deals an ass whoopin'

word - (self-explanatory)

word is bond - "my word is my truth"

word is born - 1. the genesis of truth in word 2. Van's nickname

yo - 1. attention grabber 2. Vocal filler

zackleys - when one's body and ass smell exZACKLEY like dog stool