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"In the drawers and out the window."
-Van, on the subject of a one-night stand

"Whoever put that horn in there was a genious."
-Matt, analyzing Back From the Dead by House of Pain

"You guys should move into the garage and blow this beautiful suburbia to sh*t."
-Ben R, after watching a practice

A car is coming down the street...
Lou: "Who is that?" (thinking it might be someone we know)
...the car pulls in a neighboring driveway.
Todd: "Nah, that's just the 12 year old ho brigade."

"That was a weeks worth of bull sh*t."
-Tim, after a guitar solo

"...cause video games don't get mad when you don't spend enough time with them."
-Matt, to Van who just popped in an old game that hasn't been played in a while

A floor-rumbling guitar chord eminates from Todd's amp...
Todd: "Is that too loud?"

"It's like a ripped balloon."
-Duck Brunswick Brown

"They was like, shake my hand. I was like, nah, shake my dick."
-Manny, repeating a conversation with some rather odd girls hanging out by the Perkins bathroom.

"God knew what he was doing when he made me not like beans."
-Baldy (Matt Baldwin)

Van & Matt are messing around with some jazz beat, when Matt's mom comes down in the basement...
Matt's mom: "You guys could play weddings with that stuff."
Lou: "Yea, maybe we could put on a puppet show too."

At Tim's b-day party...
Lou: "Yo, there's Bud in the kitchen."
Tim: "No, I'm gonna need something stronger than that."

"These Mr. Goodbars are like, new and improved. They've got almunds."
-Todd, after taking a bite of a Hershey's Mr. Goodbar

"I guess I'm damned with eternal fakeness."
-Matt, on being stuck living in Northampton

"Damn, it has more colors than Trix."
-Van, looking at Tim's pedal board

"It's like a quickie at work."
-Todd, after practicing Purple Sack